KGK Czech s.r.o.


KGK Czech is a subsidiary of Kanematsu KGK Corporation, one of the largest Japanese machine-trading companies with 19 offices worldwide.

Kanematsu KGK Corp. was established in 1963 as a part of Kanematsu family whose origins reach as far as the 19th century. The original company Kanematsu Shoten was founded in Kobe in 1889 by Fusajiro Kanematsu who sought to open new trade routes with Australia in. The following year a new branch was founded in Sydney – allowing Kanematsu to become a top wool importer – and ever since then the Kanematsu family has been growing with new offices appearing all over the world.

By 1913 Kanematsu opened two branches in the USA (New York and Seattle) in order to focus on fiber trade, but after the WWII the company responded to the change in demand caused by the structural reform of Japans‘ economy and converted from a trade company centered on fibers to a general trade corporation. During the postwar decades Kanematsu expanded to Brazil, West Germany, Thailand and China, and after the turn of the millenium it finally reached as far as Central Europe.

KGK Czech – stationed in Prague, Czech Republic since 2007 – is the only European branch of Kanematsu KGK and serves as an agent for many Japanese companies, incuding VINITA, IKEX or SUNIVA. We share the vision of our mother company: our management is based on customer satisfaction, as well as contribution to global environmental protection through business activities mindful of environmental impact.